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Yes. Acupuncture Can Help. 


  • Pain Management & Acute Injury

  • Sports Injuries & Optimizing Performance

  • Immune Support 

  • Post-COVID-19 Recovery and Support 

  • Digestive Health & Digestive Diseases 

  • Chronic Fatigue 

  • Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks

  • Eating Disorders, Addiction, & Recovery 

  • Reproductive Health 

  • Urogenital Health 

  • Autoimmune Disorders & Chronic Diseases

  • Life Transitions & Emotional issues 

Because the system of acupuncture treats underlying patterns of imbalances in the body, and not just individual symptoms, acupuncture and modalities of acupuncture can address most ailments, and support relief for Western diagnoses and conditions, as well as provide complementary care to treatment you may be receiving from other providers.  

While we do not diagnose or provide "cures" for Western conditions, we are able to see underlying root causes for what may be causing symptoms or dis-ease, and treat both the underlying reason for the ailment as well as the manifestation of the imbalance. And just as with all medicine, there are no cure-alls or guarantees, however unlike other medicine, acupuncture also comes with the added bonus of little to no side-effects as a therapeutic modality. 

Whether is it physical pain, chronic illness, general feelings of anxiety, digestive issues, an acute issue, or just a general feeling of not feeling quite like yourself, acupuncture and modalities of East Asian medicine can help to subtly search out what needs to be balanced in your unique presentation to help provide relief. Yes. Whatever it is you are struggling with: Acupuncture can help. 

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